Joffrey Beaujouan


Research projects  

  • 2013-2022 : Airbus - Definition of training-by-practice design methodologies to accelerate high value-added human learning
This collaboration is part of the development of specific and efficient ergonomic intervention methods related to the acquisition of learning with high added value through the design of training room by practice.
This work is associated with several connected issues.
Industrial issues related to the nature and conditions of these acquisitions (capitalization and internal transfer of knowledge and know-how of the company, reduction of journeymen training time to reach the qualitative and quantitative objectives defined, reduction of rejects, increased reliability of human interventions at the workplace, ...).
Scientific issues through the production of knowledge on the development of adults in professional situations and on the design and evaluation of training devices by practice.

  • 2016-2019 : Mutualité Sociale Agricole Auvergne - Introduce the health and safety at work logic in cattle farming investment projects
The main objectives of this action-research training is to :
Improve scientific knowledge on labor problems in cattle farming
Improve scientific knowledge on cattle farming investment project management (how human activity is take into account inside theses investment projects)
Train health and safety professionals to introduce the health and safety at work logic in the management of investment projects in cattle breeding

  • 2018-2021 : Ministry of Agriculture (CASDAR) in partnership with the Institute of Livestock (IDELE)
This work aims to study the nature of expert know-how in carrying out the task of trimming hoofed sheep. These knowledge in act determine the success or the failure of the task of the breeder, they are difficult to verbalize and teachable. However, they condition the degree of difficulty, efficiency, effectiveness and quality in the performance of the task. This modeling of "expert" know-how will question the existing training engineering on trimming for breeders in order to accelerate the construction of these crucial learnings.


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Current position

  • Since 2012 : Co-leader of the Master's degree in Engineering and Ergonomics of Physical Activity



  • 2011 : The contribution of professional narratives in the learning of a profession. Case of ergonomics training, Directed by François DANIELLOU, Polytechnic Institute of Bordeaux