Ludovic Morge



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PhD Supervisions 

  • Adrien Koslowski (since 2014) : "Analysis and caracterization of teacher’s activity in the field of Ingeniering. Case study of the teaching of energy" (co-supervision with Antonietta Specognia, Université de Lorraine)
  • Mohammad Dames Alturkmani (2015) : "Creation of didactic preferences : the case of physics and chemistry teachers in France" (co-supervision with Luc Trouche, ENS de Lyon)
  • Clotilde Mercier-Dequidt (2015) : "Study of efficiency of a mecanichs analogy used to teach electricity"
  • David Lafarge (2010) : "Analysis of teahing and learning of organical chimestry to better think its restructuration" (co-supervision with Martine Méheut, Université Paris-Diderot-Paris 7)

Current position

  • Director of Clermont Ferrand ESPE