Vincent Cano



Construction of the experience during a continuing education system in EPS integrating teaching simulation

Under the direction of Nathalie Gal-Petitfaux and Carole Sève 


The research aims to analyze the practice of teachers of physical education and sports experienced during a professional training whose objective is to "better regulate learning". The training system aims to enable the teachers to acquire an educational approach that values ​​the implementation of meaningful regulation for the students based on dialogue. The aim of the thesis is to question and develop the training device according to a design logic continued in use, based on an analysis of the activity of the actors and their lived experience of the device. With reference to the theoretical framework of the Cours d’action (Theureau, 2006) and by relying on a comprehensive method using self-confrontation interviews, we will analyze the individual and collective activity of the trainees throughout the training system and in particular during simulation time. We will seek to show how and to what extent this training system enables teachers to change their practices, which had hitherto been stabilized, for the sake of learning for their students. To do this, it will be a matter of analyzing the experience of the teachers, in order to identify the knowledge that they mobilize and update with regard to the concerns that drive them. More broadly, we may have to question the standard and current uses in the design of academic training.



Academic background 

  • 2006 : Master's degree in STAPS (Université Paris V)
  • 2001 : Master's degree in Educational Sciences (Université Toulouse le Mirail)
  • 2000 : Bachelor's degree in STAPS (Université Toulouse III)
  • 1999 : Deug's degree in STAPS (Université de la Réunion)


Professionnal background

  • Since 2018 : Associate PE teacher (Académie de Versailles)
  • Since 2016 : Academic trainer (Académie de Versailles)
  • 2001-2017 : Certified PE teacher (Académie de Versailles)